Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby, It's Cold... - Cozy Coats That Confront The Cold-Front

Winter is a-movin' up slowly,
and soon might just be creeping in to chill you to the bone.
Don't be caught uncovered! Cocoon yourself in some stylish gear that
will dissipate your desire to hibernate this coming winter.

In the usual style, shopping is best set to music, but fear not!!
Since being bombarded by Holiday elevator music is going to be your inevitable demise,
like every annual shopping season,
I am sparing you the "jingle bells" and "deck the halls" in this collection. Promise!
This is more of a chilly mix that might just warm you up by the time it's through.
If not, consider it an attribute to misery-loves-company. Shiver and chatter away
while these tracks sympathize with your severe lack of circulation:


Now, on with the anti-snow show: 

Partly Cloudy with Mild Winds

Anthracite - Jacket D Cream
James Long Cropped Leather Jacket

If the wind is kicking ever so slightly,
and all you're getting is a 
mild chill,
you don't need to bust out the heavy artillery.
Being bulky is never fun unless it's truly needed.
Light stylish jackets 
keep you just warm enough without restricting 

CryWolf Diamond Logo Zip-up Hoodie
Or keep it cute and casual with a cozy hoodie.

When the wind chill goes up a notch,
leather is a classic cold weather insulator, and looks bitchin' to boot:

         If you're haunted by wearing hides, these are kick-ass veggie friendly alternatives:


For a festive flare,
pop it up with something shiny
or something
Sequins and
electric pick
are sure to put a glimmer in the eye of the beholder.

Overcast with Light Showers

 These combine function fashion and fierce,
keeping you nice and toasty, made from materials that won't spoil when lightly
and imagine the shimmer of those spikes topped with a few dew drops.

For a heavier downpour, this should keep you nice and dry.

Keep your style fresh, and your skin dry in one fell swoop:

These wind-breakers already have fun flavor, but the bright bursts of pink turn fun to fun-k rock candy!

And these two delightful
digs? Their classic timeless appeal may just outlive any one owner, no matter how young.

To be perfectly clear,
if you're looking for a good investment with not that much out of pocket in comparison,
these are your Veronica Lake and Audrey Hepburn 
reincarnate in robe form.
Standards like this never go out of style.

Gusty Winds with a Chance of Snow

Sweet and simple, you'll look like a proper lady out on the town,
snuggled up with your neck
decked in
fuzzy fur,
and a
skirted hem
accentuates your girlish figure. 
But may I mention?: If you dare to wear them solo, you could be completely bare underneath, and no one would know-
unless you decide to put on a show.

However, girl-next-door is out of the question for fearless High Fashion Femmes:

Break the material mold with any one of these avant garde anomalies.

 If you're craving the real deal on the fur front, accept no substitutes:

There is one reason to proceed with caution on these purchases:
They will cost you a pretty penny, so be weary of crowds lugging red paint.
Otherwise, bask in the warmth of your unapologetic luxury, and knowledge that you're top of the food chain, in several ways.

Want to go Lux, but skip the guilty conscience?

Faux Fur has come a long way for it's unimpressive origin. Now it's so hard to tell, you might have to dodge some red paint without provocation.

 A classic wrap coat is a
staple for any
Fashionista's wardrobe.
It doesn't take much thought to pair up this piece, as it goes with everything.

Sleek and chic, with just enough edge,
this studded masterpiece will keep your style smoldering even when the wind tries to extinguish your
inner flame.

Want to make a stronger statement without sacrificing extra insulation?

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.
The sturdy cotton canvas exterior will hold up against most any challenge, 
but the rabbit fur lining will keep you snug as a snow bunny in a rug.

Come Rain Come Sleet Come Snow and Fog

If braving a blizzard is in your near future, maintain your fearless fighting spirit.
Now's the time to break out the heavy artillery if you want to be the 
warrior of running your daily errands.

Siberian tigers and Snow Leopard do not fear the cold with their luxurious pelts.

ferocity in a mild mannered display
with this cuddly coat on the left.
In a torrential downpour, your ears may droop a little, but at least your real mane is well guarded.

And I'm a sucker for a nice fur-lined hood. Nothing quite measures up to being protected by fuzzy warmth around your face, especially when it's cold enough to make you feel frost-bitten.

Lovin' these!
Be properly prepared for your battle against the elements:
Hoods, check.
Zippers, check.
Belts, check.
Impermeable layers of protection that maintain smokin' style, check check.

A veritable fortress against the elements, nothing's going to get to you unless you want it to. Except for the glares of jealousy these may inadvertently inspire. 

Now, don't forget to put yourself at the top of your shopping list before Black Friday engulfs us all in shopping insanity and evaporates our spending money completely.
If it helps, tell yourself that this is to your health!
How else are you going to guard yourself against the elements and keep yourself out of the doctor's office once cold and flu season hit??
Clearly, a new coat is not a frivolous buy, it is just an absolute necessity!

Devil's Advocate?! I have no idea what you're talking about!

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