Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shoot'em Up Sunday #2 - Pink Crossbows?! I Must Be Dreaming...

Being raised in a hunting family, I enjoy a good day of shooting as much as the next gal.
But guns are loud, ammo is getting pricey, and sometimes
you're just not in the mood for the heavy kick-back of a rifle or 9mm.
My favorite alternative:
The Crossbow, of course.
Not only are crossbows highly effective for their intended purpose:
taking down large game, hitting a dead-on bulls-eye on target,
with the added bonus of reusable ammo (as long as you're a strait shooter
and don't bend your bolts):
They're also just frankly fun and easy to shoot!

Now there's a whole new line of them on the market designed specifically for women.
Fit for smaller hands, with easy pull back, you no longer have to rip your rotator cuff
trying to pull back on these babies.
Take a look, and see if you don't drool over these:

* Modern, Light Weight, Super Compact Design
* G2 Bull-Pup Trigger
* Auto-engage, Ambidextrous Safety
* Auto-engage Anti Dry-fire Mechanism
* Vented Forearm with Safety Finger Flange
* Optimal Balance Point for Improved Accuracy
* RED HOT String

Producing arrow speeds in excess of 285 FPS, the 150 pound Vixen II is a high performance crossbow manufactured specifically to fulfill the needs of smaller framed hunters, but with no compromise of quality or durability.
* Power Stroke: 13.5 in.
* Mass Weight: 5.9 lbs.
* Overall Length: 35.5 in.
* Arrow Length: 20 in.

Petty in Pink, and powerful to boot:
People don't often think about crossbows as good home defense,
and sure, having a gun locked and loaded is quite effective,
but these can be just as intimidating, and if they can take down a buck, well,
need I say more?

For instance, in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, you might be out of luck 
when it comes to acquiring ammo,
but with a crossbow, all you need to make sure of is that you have plenty of bolts, 
and keep track of them.
Now, you may think I'm a nut basket for even suggesting a Zombie Invasion,
but the CDC has got my back:

Oh, you thought I was joking? This article was writen partly in jest by the CDC, and with the intention that perhaps this would help people take disaster preparedness more seriously.
Well, it got my attention! Maybe not on the serious note, but nonetheless,
anything can happen, right?

Read up on how to make your own preparedness kit at the link above.
My addendum to the kit is obviously implied in this article.
After all, you don't want to be unarmed when the walking dead arrive at your doorstep!!

I mentioned bolts before, so let's get on that immediately:

They've got to match your magnificent new mechanism.
Thank you Victory Archery for supplying us with stylish accessories!
Another plus of pink arrows? They are easy to see when you're trying to retrieve them.

Also, as a lover of Archery in general, Victory provides a variety of pink arrows for any tight-laced weapon of choice:

If you're noticing a trend within these effective objects,
they share in a common cause:


I'd be remiss not to pay homage to this compound bow company 
that is shooting straight for the cause:

Are these killer or what?

Mathews Inc provides some seriously stylish and fully customizable objects for your arsenal.
For you viewing pleasure, above are the Passion and the Jewel in Electric Pink.
A word from their sight about how they are aiming for a cure:

"For 2012, Mathews continues their participation by donating a portion of the proceeds from each the Pink Lemonade Genesis, Electric Pink Ignition, Passion and Jewel towards Aiming For a Cure and the fight against breast cancer. Mathews’ involvement was inspired by the 2007 NASP National Champion Morgan Floyd’s story of her mother’s battle with breast cancer. Since 2008 the World’s Largest Bow Manufacturer has donated approximately $150,000 to the noble cause.  “Impact is one of Mathews’ core values and we are proud to be able to support this great cause and we will continue doing so with every pink bow sold. For the female archers choosing pink, you cannot only be proud that you shoot Mathews but also that you have helped people in need simultaneously,” said Matt McPherson, Founder and CEO of Mathews Inc."

Now you have an even better reason to join the pink bow sisterhood ;)

To my beloved Vegan Vixens, I admire your vigilance and valor.
However, if you're on the hardcore veggie wagon, you may want to get off at this stop.
I certainly don't want to upset anyone's appetite.

So I mentioned I'm from a hunting family, and while at present I don't participate in the hunt as predominantly as in my younger days, I still love to practice. If I'm ever stranded in the wilderness, I can hold my own, and be responsible for my survival, granted I have the right material.

In Dedication:
As an extension to my own Dia de los Muertos celebration,
I'd like to take a moment to memorialize my sharp-shooting grandmother,
from whom I inherited every badass bone in my body:
The Late and Great, Esther Otten.

Not only was she a surgical nurse and a pilot for Search and Rescue, who barrel-rolled her plane in mid-air. She is legendary in my family for taking down two bucks on one of her first hunting trips. In another hunting escapade, while in the company of five men, she was the only one to come home with anything to show for it,
and her trophy from that day became the bear-skin rug on her bedroom floor.
She made the local paper's front cover twice, once for the bear, and another time for wrestling an armed robber out of her house bare-handed. Besides being a spot-on marksman,
she set quite the example to all the women in my family.
She always dressed like a lady and wore dresses, not what you'd expect in this day and age.
However, she gave a new meaning to the term "bear-hug" just to make sure that we all knew how happy she was to see us. And that's an "ouch" we all fondly remember.
She toughened us up pretty good.
Thanks and Love Eternal, Grandma!

On that note, I got a kick out of this next video, from Mathews, and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy.
You'll LOL because either:
a) you can't possibly imagine this happening or 
b)  because you've totally been there ;)

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