Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shoot'em Up Sunday - Pretty Pink Guns

I'm keeping it true to it's name today...
I've been shooting since I was 4 and there are few activities that chill me out and make me smile like chillin' back, sippin' on a Jamaican ginger ale (btw alcohol and firearms no me gusta), and firing off a few rounds at targets whatever they may be: 
bottles filled with water (++fun points), bulls-eye targets, or a letter I didn't like getting in the mail.

Only one thing could make this better... My Gun Could Be Pink! 
Good thing the firearms industry totally caught on to my psychic demands without me lifting a finger.
Let's take a look, shall we:

 I mentioned I'm a Taurus right? Well so is the cute lil' baby to the left. I want!
And hello kitty?
Yes way!!

From a tiny derringer to one fierce AK47, it's all going pink!!                                                               Guns America - Pink Guns

There are special precautions one must take to have a gun this pretty.
Well, to start with, a driver's license, concealed weapons permit, 
or at the very least, a hunter's safety permit. 
But all that aside, how are you going to keep it from getting all scratched up in your purse, or what if it jumps out of your bra or boots?! 


Gotcha covered, on a fronts ladies!!

These work magic if you're going out and don't want to heave-ho your purse along. No "Hey there little Red Riding Hood" on you nightly jog   through the woods with these babies. Get'em here: Armed in Heels -Great name, right?

But say you are totin' your tote, and you want something that matches. Gotcha there too!

     Diva Sleeve


 If you're going strapless, you'll need something more like this: also brought to you by Armed in Heels

Now just look at these happy people with their pink guns!
Have you ever seen such lighthearted marksmen in your life?
That's precisely why
 I'm so into this trend,

It makes the people happy!!

 My special thanks goes out to these guys for showing the world that real men can totally 
Rock the Hello Kitty too.
Thank you boys!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cyborg Sista'?... aka Iris Bling

This interesting trend from India 
caught my eye a lil' while back. The plus to posting after the fact: It's become quit the controversy!
Is it chic or creepy? I'll let you decide... my opinion comes later.
And any eye puns that may come of this are completely involuntary, just for the record.

Apparently, the sky is the limit for bedazzling oneself, and this certainly proves it!
As a performer, I'm intrigued. 
I might even really like the more subtle variety,
 but stage lights are already a pain. What they are like refracted through a diamond, I probably don't want to find out. 
I do still like the subtlety of the ones on the right. At night, maybe.

Now, this I find a bit over the top, but I could totally picture this in a movie! They're unique and eye-catching! And maybe a tad creepy...

Still not quite sure what to think? Check these out...
They bring up some interesting thoughts if you were to consider tracking down a pair:

This vid from the Huffington Post has perhaps too much information...
but if you do want a pair, it's good to really be informed!

To jump this trend right now,
 get'em straight from the source right here: Le SER Eye Jewelry

And then, you better let me know how you like them! I only believe firsthand reviews.

Get Yo Sweat On! - 4 Alternative Exercises I Love To Do

I'm a bit of a Fitness Junkie. And I've tried just about everything. It feels good to sweat it out, gets you out of your head, keeps you bangin' hot, and wishes all that accumulated tension from a stressful week bye-bye! 

I know for a lot of people working out is a chore that is not necessarily something to look forward to, but it doesn't have to be that way! These are my preferred methods of getting my sweat on, and they're all things that you can take out of the classroom and apply to real life: from the 
Dance Floor to a Street Fight! 

Pretty win-win, don't ya think? :)


Yep, that's right. I'm 100% on the Zumba train. It's gaining popularity and spreading like wildfire, and there's a very good reason. It's crazy fun!!
I dare you to get through your first class with out busting up, and it's great to do with a group of girlfriends. Plus, there are very few classes that get my heart-rate up and make me sweat like this does. That's the main point, right?
Check out the website for nationwide classes, or get a DVD and make a house party of it.

Poi Spinning

I'm a fire dancer and a poi instructor, and it's flat out one of the best things I have ever picked up!
Stimulating to the mind and the body, this art-and-exercise-in-one does wonders for hand-eye coordination, muscle strength and tone, flexibility and even helps ward of arthritis and carpal tunnel.
It's fun, inspiring and gives you endless possibilities to be creative.

Fire Groove is one of the most professional instruction and performance groups out there in this category, and they're great people. They're based in LA, so you can check out classes locally, or buy their easy-to-follow DVD collection and Rock It on you're own time.
 Their shop has everything you need to get started!

There are groups sprouting up all over the world, so check online to find an instructor in your area! 

Krav Maga

I don't like to play favorites when it comes to my workout, but this is undeniably becoming one of the things I look forward to the most in my schedule!
Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art designed for their military, where every person, female or male, big or small, has to serve for a two year minimum. Law enforcement in the US has adopted it as well.
It's a great workout, really gets you sweating and you walk out pretty confident that if some D-bag wants to jack you're Swarovski bedazzled phone or confuses your neck with a squeeze-ball, you could make it a very unpleasant experience for them.
I think Self-Defense is super important. You never know when you'll be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's best to be prepared for anything!

Check out Krav Maga at these two sites for a directory of skilled instructors:

And if anyone get's their panties in a bunch because I included them both, 
suck on a tylenol until the swelling in your head goes down. Enjoy!


If those last three still leave you wanting for a challenge, this should fill your cup to the brim.
Team Quest is a world renowned fight club specializing in mixed martial arts training. 
I focus on their Jiu Jitsu classes, and those are a challenge in strength and will. 
I love it!!
If Krav Maga is the viper of the martial arts world, then Jiu Jitsu is the constrictor. Is one better than the other? No comment, as that's a long conversation. The two together round out my practice and give me something to work hard to achieve.
If you really want to get your hands dirty and work every muscle you never knew you had, 
this'll do it for ya! I can promise that.
Team Quest serves up a variety of styles, hence Mixed Martial Arts, so if Jiu Jitsu is not your cup'o'tea play around until you find one that hits the spot.

Team Quest MMA has branches all over, so find a location close to you. As with any martial art, take the class and don't try this out on your boyfriend or little sister. Proper instruction is key:

Now get out of your weekend PJ's and go kick some a**, 
most importantly your own!

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Cat-Eye Evolved

*Some weekend makeup inspiration that works with Everything*
The cat-eye is a classic that will never die! It basically has no option to. Nothing from the dawn of makeup to present will ever quite make your eyes pop like that!! Nothing, dare ya. And don't try me with contacts, that's cheating.

  Nefertiti, Cleopatra, jump all the way to the 1900's, and you get the ladies who really reeled it in... Monroe, Page, Hepburn: it's these gals and many others of the era that made the look notorious. 
And rightly so!

Here we have the traditional cat-eye, 
but as much as we love it, there's no harm in amping it up a few notches. How about some color and design?...


Some of the best ideas can come from what you already have, by playing with the lines and color combinations.  Love these ideas!

If you really want to turn heads, color always cranks up the volume. These are my top picks for
prolific popping colors:

I'm a huge fan of Lime Crime! 
All the brilliant and bold colors, 
high quality vegan makeup, so much to love.

Their new liquid eyeliners 
are splendid!

I'm swooning over Urban Decay's 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner as well. It comes in 11 shades.
My fav is Revolver, imagine that ;)
It creates a perfect dark line of sheen with the best precision brush I've ever used!

One last embellishment to the cat-eye case, Lash-tastic!

These are sure to put all eyes on your eyes!
 So many styles to choose from, I want them all!!

I Don't Always Go Political, But When I Do, I Prefer XX

If that title just went *whoosh* over your head, or if you think I'm talking about beer, let me bring it back to front and center. Women have what chromosomes? There it is! 
 Some very fun topics have been circulating around the media lately, and the ones focused on Women's rights have been borderline comical.... OK, I lied, they've been outright hilarious!! If you're asking yourself if I'm a feminist right now, don't bother. I am a Woman, maybe I'm a feminist man-lover, whatever. Either way, I don't like labels, 
unless it's something that needs to be removed from one's personality (such as "ignorant a**hole"),
or it tells me how to use something (such as "this may cause cancer if..."). 
Being labeled female has a pretty broad spectrum to it, so that's probably the only one I wear with 
great pride.
Don't ever ask if I'm left or right, 
'cause I'm ambidextrous.
Anyway, Here are some things that tickled me pink over the last few months...

I'm sure we've all heard about this by now. The back-lash was humiliating for this poor dude. I love men in politics that really do their homework. Unfortunately, that is a very rare occurrence...
As the next article shows, he shoulda read a book, or asked a doctor:

My favorite comeback to this catastrophe is this...


Next on the agenda of hilarity is this proposition... or wait no, new law??

Okey Dokey, then what they're saying is every pregnancy is immaculate. Awesome!! But wait, doesn't that take the bang out of the buck for one very special immaculate conception??!
And then, if every pregnancy is in fact immaculate, is sex just for recreation after all??!!! Well, YAY that's good news! Oh wait, that's not what they're saying. 

Are they saying this applies to eggs now?:

That seems like the only plausible explanation I can draw from this theory. But these guys were actually just joking... apparently Arizona is not.
I really hope the next move does not classify a woman's period an abortion because she could have potentially been pregnant, and therefore she is heartlessly and recklessly wasting an egg.
Clasp those hands and pray to the Sky Gods!! 

Now, while I am smart enough to know what they're trying to prove here, ya know "a women may not know she is pregnant for the first two weeks of pregnancy", by the time she does know, they can tell the gestation age. Oh, Holy Magical Science!!

I've only got one point to prove here, and then I'll be on my merry way... 
Brain Cells Are Such A Wonderful Gift!
If you have some, be grateful. There appears to be a draught upon us.
And on that note, a lesson from the old school :

No Dew Drops On These Roses

Rose Gold has always been my favorite metal. Why? Two guesses... yeah it's pink and pretty. While I'm not totally monochromatic (you may not believe me yet),  I absolutely love rose gold with a 
modern twist. These are my favorite designs and designers of the rose gold renaissance. 
Not your grandma's rose gold, 
no offense grandma...

Billy Blue Hummingbird Skull Necklace, $180

Pamela Love Rose Gold Tribal Ring, $310

Maria Tash 14K Diamond Nova Nostril Screw, $80

Made Her Think Mesh Marquis Ring, $258

Tawapa Rose Gold Lotus Drop Eyelet, $67.50

Maria Tash 14K Diamond and Rose Quartz MT Tiara Pendant, $3550

Sasha Bell Jewelry Double Sunflower Hoops, $150

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Badass Bitches - Pink sari gang fights against India's oppressors - The National

Let me start with the Women who inspired this blog. India is rated "The Worst Place for Women to Live in the World" and these female vigilantes are fighting against domestic violence, arranged child marriage, poverty, and dowry demands against all odds! Their Founder/Leader Sampat Pal Devi says, “We are not a gang in the usual sense of the term, we are a gang for justice.” And these gals make house calls: to wife-beaters! Guess what those bamboo batons are for? Not twirling in a parade. Talk about eye-for-an-eye: more like beat-down for a beat-down!
I am impressed and inspired! Lead by example Ladies! And Rock that Pink!

Pink sari gang fights against India's oppressors - The National
For more info, visit their Official site:
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