Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh, The Horror!!! - Costumes - Round 4

Even if you saw this coming, you might wanna grab your blanky and favorite teddy-bear as you browse this next selection:
I've got some terrifying treasures for you today 
that may just haunt your dreams until you decide to embody one of these voracious villains!

Witchy Woman

 The Witch has been over done you say?
Not like this she hasn't!

Around here we're
 restoring the witch to her rightful place in 
the hierarchy of the heathens,
and upping the ante on her fashion sense 
to keep her riding high!

Classy and with just enough reveal for the 
sophisticated sorcerous,
this hooded vestment won't keep you completely 
in the dark.

The classic pointy-hat has become quite cliche,
This Mohawk will cause more mayhem
with it's modern edge!
And how are they not supposed to be led into temptation when you're
wearing it on your chest?

I'm utterly enthralled by the twisted nature of 
this headdress!
Others with be spellbound and unable to control themselves from getting as close a look as possible.

And speaking of a twist, adorning yourself with a 
vine of thorns will catch them off guard as well.

More often than not, an incredible costume doesn't provide enough pocket-space to lug 
along your crystal ball: 

Why not scry into your shoes, and have everyone hypnotized by your divinatory nature.

Of course, if you need a higher platform from which to project your powers,
that can be arranged. 

There are more makeup ideas than a girl can shake a broomstick at
for this ensemble, but here's one I found to be particularly enticing:

That should keep your cauldron brewing for awhile.

Zombie Chic

Zombies have a bad rap, sure for their insatiable appetites, but for their taste as well.
The undead do not have to be unstylish to scare the
 living daylights out of their prey.
Let's put our brains to the challenge!

Now this gal knows how to deck out the done and restless souls who can't seem to find the passage to the other side. Put the cute back in corpse and check out her other custom stylings. 

For the peak in distressed chic, you may want to go for a look that is more Belle Post Apoc.

But if you want it gritty as graveyard dirt, tear it up in these wears:

 It may be hanging on by some 
thin threads, 
but it's sure to show off your fleshy best:

                   Torrent Dress, Paradise Leggings, and Opium Leggings by All Saints

These certainly give the impression that you dug your way though the ditches and captured the first poor creature that crossed your path. 

And why not recycle the leftovers,
some animal skins and
 wood from your casket aren't going to be serving their intended purposes.
They both look better as a shoe anyway.

But the most important missing piece is the rotting flesh to tie it all together.
This idea is the most "a-peeling" I've stumbled across:

Belle of the Hellraiser

Like a dominatrix from another dimension, 
you'll be torturing souls without so much as a touch when you're 
rockin' it like a Belle outta' Hell.

The ensemble above will captivate enough to assert your authority over this world and the one below, and will keep your minions awaiting your beck and call.

Hell Bunny @ Inspired Insanity

However, the accoutrement to the right will make it even easier to get your point across!

Hellraiser Dress @ Klassiq

Locket Necklace by Iluxo - Bone Talons Collar by Metamorph

Even the unholy need to accessorize. Besides, you might want to keep the box closer to your Hellbound heart on this round.

Only the most demonic diva would stomp on such a sacred relic.
Be careful not to get Blacklisted
 in these babies,
not for your blasphemy,
but for inspiring so much envy
in the onlookers! 

To quell the cravings of an insatiable bloodlust, you can distract yourself 
by lusting over these:

And don't forget your crowning glory:

Carrie Carrie Quite Contrary

All of the above too complex for your busy schedule,
but still want to play the frightening femme fatale?
This scary Carrie costume does the trick'o'treat just fine.

It doesn't get more fatale than this!

Take the bite out of Jaws

Now, I don't want to be responsible for anyone's recurring nightmares, so let's end by absolving a preexisting terror that so many have had since childhood.

Jaws was the most terrifying movie of it's time, and those who were subjected to it's grizzly scenes young enough have probably carried a vast disinterest in surfing or deep sea diving to this day.

See if your frights don't dissolve completely when you take a look at this:

There, much better now, aren't we?
Though I realize some deep seated fears die hard,
so if the water still makes you shake in your boots,
just put these on:

To one very lucky girl, here is the opportunity of a lifetime.
Stomp away your sharky fears as you roll merrily along wearing 
the original source of your trauma.

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