Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shoot'em Up Sunday - Pretty Pink Guns

I'm keeping it true to it's name today...
I've been shooting since I was 4 and there are few activities that chill me out and make me smile like chillin' back, sippin' on a Jamaican ginger ale (btw alcohol and firearms no me gusta), and firing off a few rounds at targets whatever they may be: 
bottles filled with water (++fun points), bulls-eye targets, or a letter I didn't like getting in the mail.

Only one thing could make this better... My Gun Could Be Pink! 
Good thing the firearms industry totally caught on to my psychic demands without me lifting a finger.
Let's take a look, shall we:

 I mentioned I'm a Taurus right? Well so is the cute lil' baby to the left. I want!
And hello kitty?
Yes way!!

From a tiny derringer to one fierce AK47, it's all going pink!!                                                               Guns America - Pink Guns

There are special precautions one must take to have a gun this pretty.
Well, to start with, a driver's license, concealed weapons permit, 
or at the very least, a hunter's safety permit. 
But all that aside, how are you going to keep it from getting all scratched up in your purse, or what if it jumps out of your bra or boots?! 


Gotcha covered, on a fronts ladies!!

These work magic if you're going out and don't want to heave-ho your purse along. No "Hey there little Red Riding Hood" on you nightly jog   through the woods with these babies. Get'em here: Armed in Heels -Great name, right?

But say you are totin' your tote, and you want something that matches. Gotcha there too!

     Diva Sleeve


 If you're going strapless, you'll need something more like this: also brought to you by Armed in Heels

Now just look at these happy people with their pink guns!
Have you ever seen such lighthearted marksmen in your life?
That's precisely why
 I'm so into this trend,

It makes the people happy!!

 My special thanks goes out to these guys for showing the world that real men can totally 
Rock the Hello Kitty too.
Thank you boys!!

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