Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fry An Egg On This! Summer Accents So Hot They Supernova

The dog days of summer are upon us...
How did that happen?
Not that I'm complaining, summer may not play host to my favorite temperature,
it is my favorite season for fashion-izing!
This year has so many fun things to put on for the beach, the barbecue, 
the picnic, the fair, the pool party, the resort... so much to do, so little time!
So let's get to it so you can get your buns a movin' on killer summer styles
that will wow the crowd no matter what venue you choose.

I have been on the fence about the return of the fanny pack. 
I wasn't so sure about it on the first go 'round.
But I seem to have a general rule that if you put a speaker in or on it,
I simply must have one. If you feel my pain, 
prepare yourself for the ultimate fanny pack fix:

Meet the Jammy Pack!

With rockin' color combos and blastin' sound,
you can't be held responsible for your 
unimaginable obsession with this 
ingenius apparatus.
 (Extra perk: You never again have to worry about leaving
your portable tune-age at the park again!)

Now what to wear? Hmmm, so much to choose from.
You can go your own way, or do it my way. I won't take it personally either way.
I will warn you however, that my way is not the shy way.

  Poppin' color and outrageously wild print! 

Giraffe Padded Bandeau Top and Bottom
Mr. Gugu & Mrs. Go have my heart by a string bikini. 
They even make a sparklicious throne for your queen beach-y-ness!
Go Big and Go Bold, or Go Home!

Wait! Where are you going?!
That was just a joke.
There's plenty of room for the girl next door:

Wildfox Geisha Tankini
Wildfox Pin Up Hearts Monokini

Wildfox Couture does not disappoint when it comes to 
sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

Really A Mermaid Santorini Swing Dress
Feeling more naughty than nice? These style border on lingerie. 

Somebody's Heartbreak
Girls with Guitars

Good Girl Shorts

Strategic design details from Beach Bunny Swimwear draw attention to your best assets, 
but I'm sure you already noticed. Not for the modest, unless you order "the modest."

It's easy to forget amidst the frolicking and freedom fries the golden rule of the season:
 Safety first!
The sun shows no mercy to your eyes and skin,
so slap on sunscreen, shades and good moisturizer.
But don't let that spoil your good time. 
Use it to your advantage and let you personal style shine bright.
Especially in the shades department.

Broken Celebrity Child's Play
Broken Celebrity Cactus

If eyes are the windows to the soul,
then glasses are the magic curtain.

Half-heart Swarovski® sunnies
Ruby Red Swarovski® Heart Sunnies

DeVante Daniels Spike Sunglasses
LSD Fashion Lab Clear Frame Sunglasses

Emmanuel Vaughn Blind Curiosity Red Jersey Mesh Aviator
Now your on the right road to rival Lady Gaga.

Want a look that's all your own? Every girl does...

Her Tiny Teeth is changing the way you look though sunglasses.

The sisterly duo candy-coats eyewear with flowers and rhinestones. 

With a vast variety of styles, and no two ever alike,
these quite contrary treasures are
bound to experience rapid growth.
Get yours while the company is fresh and sprouting.

Check out their Etsy for exclusive items:

For the dramatic diva, you'll want a pair of squares that demands an audience:
Bootsy Sunglasses
Salome Sunglasses
Yoko Sunglasses
Alicia Sunglasses

Santana Sunglasses

Lwin Sunglasses
Attention? These A-Morir Sunglasses warrant applause.
Also in the theatrical groove:
Black Antler Python Bone Melted Sunglasses

Black & Silver Swarovski Crystal Skull Cateye Sunglasses
Material Memorie brings the heart of darkness to the 
season of sunshine. No one will see that coming.

That's all for now, folks. Just one question:
How "WOW" do you dare to go?

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