Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Punch Like a Lady - The Dressed-Up Knuckleduster

Not your typical family jewels,
yet haute to trot and tough as nails,
the knuckle duster has made a
huge impact on today's jewelry designs.

Alexander McQueen Knuckleduster

As controversial as they are couture,
we saw McQueen debuting this style as early as 2009,
with the company almost being sued by the Hell's Angels for 
"misuse of their trademark winged death's head symbol" in 2010.

The duster drama continues to unfold as the 
purses gain popularity around the world.
In Hong Kong, police warn they may seize your designer goods
should you choose to don them in the nation's airport.
For more, link in:
will give you all the details.
McQueen Knuckle Clutch
McQueen Knuckle Duster

This trend may not have just hatched,
but it certainly is growing and evolving.
You may not even recognize the main inspiration
for some of these more accessible accessories,
but if you look close enough, it's undeniably a knuckle duster.

gold look three finger knuckle duster ring - earrings / rings / belly bars - jewellery - women - River Island
River Island Knuckle Duster

These cutting-edge creations are a far cry from
their fearsome predecessors.
Enjoy the fun side of fierce
with these dreamy pieces.

Top Shop Rose Gold Pyramid Knuckle Duster Ring

Designerica Triple Moon Ring
Christina Elleni Agra Skyline Key Knuckle Duster Ring

Some stick to their roots
and leave an intense impression:

Kate Mess 'Til Death Do Us Part Knuckle Duster
Diamonds are forever. Unfortunately, so are scars.
Kate Mess has both of those covered.

Mawi Amethyst Shard and Crystal Three Finger Ring

Mawi @ PopSugar Social

Amazing crusader in jewelry design,
Mawi keeps me standing at attention.

Mawi & David Koma Collaboration
Dominic Jones Seti Knuckle Duster Ring
Dominic Jones Gold Plated Claw Knuckle Duster Rings

Dominic Jones commands the spotlight with
these fierily feline arches. A new take on kitty claws.

Double Finger Quartz Ring in Rose Gold
Concrete Polish Sharktooth Knuckle Ring in
Gold w/ Emerald

Hot rocks for the cold stone fox?
Concrete Polish handles that query
Concrete Polish Double Pyrite Ring in
Rose Gold w/ Gemstones

But the diamond in the rough may just be this pleasant paradox from Black Rose Love:

Black Rose Love Gold LOVE Knuckle Duster

Ok, it's really Cubic Zirconia. But who cares. Love is all you need!

Plus, who knew knuckle dusters could be so practical?
Just look at the way they accent these common housewares:

thabto Knuckle Duster Mug

If you mean business when it comes to coffee,
let them know it's an all-out war if they so much as touch yours.
(for extra pop, go with the lovely blood-splatter design)

Or, you may have heard the tale of
the Porn Star, her Knuckleduster Phone Case,
and her Beaten-up Assistant:

Porn Star Jenna Jameson Beats Up Assistant With "Brass Knuckle" IPhone Case Read more: http://www.k103.com/pages/kristina.html?article=11174543#ixzz2VI8S9bbD
Well, you don't have to grin and bare it to
immolate this pinnacle of back-door royalty.
Get one all of your own!:
(Phone case that is.
You're on your own with the assistant.
And the chiaroscuro career choice.)

I'm keeping it classy with my personal preference:

Pink iRock Brass Knuckle Case
Pink is always the lady-like option, don'tcha think?
And Ladies, don't forget the power of DIY.

Just incase you were wondering,
the real thing got a makeover too!

Pink Brass Knuckles @ Weapons Universe

This summer's must have? It's on my list.

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