Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shimmer What Yo' Mama Gave Ya - Gold, Glowy, Gorgeous...

The best things in life are free,
but since we're living in a material world,
everything's better with some bling on it.
You know it's true. Glitter is one of 
your favorite colors, now isn't it?
This applies to skin too.
One of the great joys of the season is getting to show off some skin.
Let it breath a little. And flirt a little while you're at it.
May as well dress up the bare bits too, and what better way
than with a golden glow? 

Subtlety is fine and dandy. Put on the glitz with a 
gentle glimmer instead of a loud pop with 
Agent Provocateur's Body Glamour Sauce.
They both smell like heaven as an added bonus.

Then again, sometimes a gold explosion
causes a veritable riot... the good kind.
Did someone say loud pop?
Right, I did.
If you want to rival the fireworks,
what's stopping you? 

Take this lovely inspiration from visionary photographer 
Laura Palm and go bold with your gold! 

Kryolan's Gold G Iridescent Body Powder
Kryolan Shimmer Body Wash Gold

Kryolan Shimmer Body Wash Bronze
Use Kryolan's Gold Iridescent Body Powder to get a blend-able lasting glint all over.

For those who dare to work their skills
and flaunt their skin to the max,
I have a project for you:

These body wash paints from Kryolan deliver surreal metallics that are safe and easy to use.

Try applying with different sponges, like a raw sponge for tricky textures, or brush it on with a paint brush and rock it like a goddess in gold, bronze, or copper! 

For the face, follow these wise steps to perfection:


Save the bold statement for the eyes and lips,
and give one of these stellar looks a go:

A perfect look for summer,
Michelle Phan is on top of her game as usual.


Similar to the sunset eye, but with stunning highlights and contours,
the look above is sultry and sensual.
But you gotta think quick...
the colors fly by in this fast (forward) feature.


This look is not for the tame. There's some serious 
big kitty energy happening in this smokey eye.

If the above still leaving you feeling like you haven't got enough,
like it's sparkled and popped, but the bang, smash, boom wasn't there,
prepare for the grand finale:

Nothing does it like the real thing!
Gold Sin Jewels puts living the charmed life at your fingertips
with temporary skin appliqués made of real gold.
How far you take your midas-esque artistry is up to you.

Does it get more luxe? Of couse. We're human. 
We'll always find new ways to sparkle things up.
But for now, these put you on top of the golden stairway.
 Enjoy your reign while it lasts, ladies.


  1. Gorgeous images that make me want to shimmer.

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