Friday, September 28, 2012

The Cat-Eye Evolved

*Some weekend makeup inspiration that works with Everything*
The cat-eye is a classic that will never die! It basically has no option to. Nothing from the dawn of makeup to present will ever quite make your eyes pop like that!! Nothing, dare ya. And don't try me with contacts, that's cheating.

  Nefertiti, Cleopatra, jump all the way to the 1900's, and you get the ladies who really reeled it in... Monroe, Page, Hepburn: it's these gals and many others of the era that made the look notorious. 
And rightly so!

Here we have the traditional cat-eye, 
but as much as we love it, there's no harm in amping it up a few notches. How about some color and design?...


Some of the best ideas can come from what you already have, by playing with the lines and color combinations.  Love these ideas!

If you really want to turn heads, color always cranks up the volume. These are my top picks for
prolific popping colors:

I'm a huge fan of Lime Crime! 
All the brilliant and bold colors, 
high quality vegan makeup, so much to love.

Their new liquid eyeliners 
are splendid!

I'm swooning over Urban Decay's 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner as well. It comes in 11 shades.
My fav is Revolver, imagine that ;)
It creates a perfect dark line of sheen with the best precision brush I've ever used!

One last embellishment to the cat-eye case, Lash-tastic!

These are sure to put all eyes on your eyes!
 So many styles to choose from, I want them all!!

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