Friday, September 28, 2012

I Don't Always Go Political, But When I Do, I Prefer XX

If that title just went *whoosh* over your head, or if you think I'm talking about beer, let me bring it back to front and center. Women have what chromosomes? There it is! 
 Some very fun topics have been circulating around the media lately, and the ones focused on Women's rights have been borderline comical.... OK, I lied, they've been outright hilarious!! If you're asking yourself if I'm a feminist right now, don't bother. I am a Woman, maybe I'm a feminist man-lover, whatever. Either way, I don't like labels, 
unless it's something that needs to be removed from one's personality (such as "ignorant a**hole"),
or it tells me how to use something (such as "this may cause cancer if..."). 
Being labeled female has a pretty broad spectrum to it, so that's probably the only one I wear with 
great pride.
Don't ever ask if I'm left or right, 
'cause I'm ambidextrous.
Anyway, Here are some things that tickled me pink over the last few months...

I'm sure we've all heard about this by now. The back-lash was humiliating for this poor dude. I love men in politics that really do their homework. Unfortunately, that is a very rare occurrence...
As the next article shows, he shoulda read a book, or asked a doctor:

My favorite comeback to this catastrophe is this...


Next on the agenda of hilarity is this proposition... or wait no, new law??

Okey Dokey, then what they're saying is every pregnancy is immaculate. Awesome!! But wait, doesn't that take the bang out of the buck for one very special immaculate conception??!
And then, if every pregnancy is in fact immaculate, is sex just for recreation after all??!!! Well, YAY that's good news! Oh wait, that's not what they're saying. 

Are they saying this applies to eggs now?:

That seems like the only plausible explanation I can draw from this theory. But these guys were actually just joking... apparently Arizona is not.
I really hope the next move does not classify a woman's period an abortion because she could have potentially been pregnant, and therefore she is heartlessly and recklessly wasting an egg.
Clasp those hands and pray to the Sky Gods!! 

Now, while I am smart enough to know what they're trying to prove here, ya know "a women may not know she is pregnant for the first two weeks of pregnancy", by the time she does know, they can tell the gestation age. Oh, Holy Magical Science!!

I've only got one point to prove here, and then I'll be on my merry way... 
Brain Cells Are Such A Wonderful Gift!
If you have some, be grateful. There appears to be a draught upon us.
And on that note, a lesson from the old school :

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