Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cyborg Sista'?... aka Iris Bling

This interesting trend from India 
caught my eye a lil' while back. The plus to posting after the fact: It's become quit the controversy!
Is it chic or creepy? I'll let you decide... my opinion comes later.
And any eye puns that may come of this are completely involuntary, just for the record.

Apparently, the sky is the limit for bedazzling oneself, and this certainly proves it!
As a performer, I'm intrigued. 
I might even really like the more subtle variety,
 but stage lights are already a pain. What they are like refracted through a diamond, I probably don't want to find out. 
I do still like the subtlety of the ones on the right. At night, maybe.

Now, this I find a bit over the top, but I could totally picture this in a movie! They're unique and eye-catching! And maybe a tad creepy...

Still not quite sure what to think? Check these out...
They bring up some interesting thoughts if you were to consider tracking down a pair:

This vid from the Huffington Post has perhaps too much information...
but if you do want a pair, it's good to really be informed!

To jump this trend right now,
 get'em straight from the source right here: Le SER Eye Jewelry

And then, you better let me know how you like them! I only believe firsthand reviews.

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