Monday, October 1, 2012

Idol Hands - Things Beyond Rings

If you're thinking "doesn't she mean idle hands...?", think again.
Your hands will be a sight worthy of praise displaying 
any one of these magnificent objects!!

These would delight even the most discriminating Queen Fashionista!
Not the most practical for date night, but hey, Halloween is right around the bend ;)

This looks like a sculpture I'd be thrilled to display in my home decor, 
but believe it or not, it's wearable!

The Bird and the Bee? Love!

Entertaining and stylish, I love the simplicity of this beauty. 


                                                                                      Honey Knuckles - Rachel Pfeffer

Every once in awhile I reserve the right to be cute. 
I happen to find these miniature food rings... Adorable!!


Kawaii Nails turn heads every time!

To be pretty or fierce, 
that is the question?

And for cold autumn nights, keep your hands smokin' hot!

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