Monday, October 1, 2012

B'aware the Boobs!! - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, 
so it's the best excuse ever to stock up on all things pink!!

Breast Cancer Awareness is a very important cause to me, and should be for
all the sista's of the world.
Some very inspirational women in my life have battled and conquered this arch nemesis of tatas, 
but many women (and some men) still fall prey to this deadly disease.

 Visit the websites below for important Breast Cancer info: from prevention and risk factors to treatment, myths*, and statistics.
This is not a selective killer, so it's good to be in the know.

Now, let's review some fun ways to strut your support on the streets!!

When I said "strut" I meant it! And these should make it easy for you,
even at high speeds!

These spell it out pretty loud'n'clear.

They're sure to get lots o' looks so be aware of the prospect beforehand:
People will be staring at your chest...

A little more subtlety say you?

Still rockin' the pink, but not
 so in-your-face:

Avon's Breast Cancer
Ear Buds.
Look closely. Are those 
rhinestones I see?
Yes they are!

And OPI Pink Of Hearts is a tempting twosome!

Of course it can just be your little secret if you please...

Check out this collection of Bright Pink - Bras for a Cause!

And even though I just posted on this topic, I had to save the best for last:

Hell Yes, that's right!!! Aim for the Cause!
Now that's my style to the T!
And if that website isn't big enough for ya, here it is: Jim's Gun Supply

My heart goes out to all the ladies who suffer from this disease.
May you have one Kick-Ass Survival Story!!

*I highly recommend that everyone update their knowledge on what's true and not true about
Breast Cancer. You'll be surprised that most of what you've heard by word-of-mouth
is not the real deal!!

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