Monday, October 8, 2012

I'll Have My Tricks, And Treat It Too! - Costumes - Round One

I don't think I'm the only girl who never grew out of playing dress up.
And with Halloween right around the corner,
it's almost time to get you're game on!

With so many options to share in the way of Costume Fabulousness,
this is just round one.
There will be many more!

 Starting with a couple of the Classics:
These Consequential and Controversial Coquettes made such an impact through their 
existence, they will be forever crowned in the Femme Fatale Hall of Fame.

The Flapper
People often forget that the 20's marks America's First Sexual Revolution. Women started applying makeup in public, wearing dresses that just barely brushed the knee, and cut their hair short like the men. That may not seem as outrageous as burning bras to us now, but way back then, it was absolutely scandalous!!
These are a few Rebels of the Era worthy of Resurrection!


This is a classic Zelda Look. Who was Zelda Scott Fitzgerald? You may have read her husband's work, The Great Gatsby.

Zelda Scott Fitzgerald was a notorious rule-breaker in the 20's. She pushed past the norm by riding on the top of taxis and bathing in public fountains. She found ways to have fun even when there was none.

She was also noted for partying like the boys,
and it wasn't out of her scope to put on her partner's jacket
from time to time.

Josephine Baker

 Miss Josephine Baker was a 
Black French
performer who never let the 
socially acceptable 
manner of things 
get in her way, 30 years before the Civil Rights Movement!!
She often entertained guests in the nude, 
had a menagerie 
of pets,
and was rumored 
to keep goldfish 
in her bidet.

Clara Bow

Clara Bow was the classic cutie of the era.
If you know Betty Boop, meet her in the flesh.
She is the main inspiration for the 
character after all.

Clara wasn't your typical goody-two-shoes.
She's the one for whom the term IT Girl was coined,
and was considered the
 leading sex symbol in her day.

And now for something completely different, and maybe even opposite:

Marie Antoinette

Time to time-travel further back: 
Just for the record, history has been corrected. She did not say "Let them eat Cake" after all.
But if I were her I would have, and then I would have had meat-pies and scrumptious pastries delivered door-to-door.
But besides all that, this is a lady whose decadence broke a whole country, from throwing lavish parties to dying her sheep daily to match her gown, 
as she played in her specially made village where she 
pretended to be a normal person, 
her extravagance leaves plenty of room for experimentation.

Unlike most Fairy-Tales, I think we all know this Princess Story didn't have a happy ending. All that Glitz and Glamour got this gal the Guillotine!
Dress it up or dress it down, get some creative license going and make this spoiled siren all your own.

Personally, I'm Loving the Macabre approach to this Material Girl!
That is what Halloween's all about, right? 
I might just pair that tee with a corset, a cage skirt, some frilly shoes and call it fabulous and mildly frightening!

Of course, burlesquing it out is never a bad idea either ;)

Keep your eyes peeled: There's Plenty more comin' atcha!!

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