Thursday, October 4, 2012

These Boots Are Made For Rockin'...

Fall is coming in for a landing in the northern hemisphere, 
slowly but surely.
While I love to watch the transformation of the colors in nature, and
 attempt to reorient myself to the shortening daylight hours, 
one of my favorite fall transitions is the shift from "a life in sandals" to flaunting my stride in a new pair of Badass Boots!

Some Top Picks are a'comin', but just for a'lil something extra, here's a playlist of 
favorite Bangin' Beats by Babes to window-shop by.
From the now to the then to the way-back-when, these are my preferred tracks from my 
most beloved Lady songstresses... Enjoy!

It's exciting that some very talented shoe designers have already prepared some kicks
worthy of a grand entrance
when we finally decide to set up shop on Mars!! 
And yes that is a complement.



Finsk - Project 8 Pony                                                        Andreia Chaves - Naked Shoe

Black Milk X Jeffery Cambell - Night Lita

There are carnivorous animals and plants, 
but if there were to be
 a shoe equivalent,

you'd be looking at the
top of the food-chain!

Jeffery Cambell - Fabulous

If you're going out in these babies, you may want to check with the venue on their weapons policy ;)

Jeffery Cambell - Amanda

 I'm sure you can manage getting past security sportin' these bad-boys.
Quite the stylish take on
the steel-toe!

Kobe Hush - Bournster Chaser Sneaker                     Shakuhachi - Metal Toe Lace Up Boot

But say you're planning a winter in 
Russia, or Greenland. 
You need some 
serious insulation, right?

Luckily, you don't have to
sacrifice hot-ness
for heat!

Irregular Choice - Longer Lashes

Irregular Choice - The Beast Fur

These'll keep ya nice and toasty,
in more than 
the obvious manner.
The Beast: an appropriate name if ever
there was one.

I couldn't choose between black or white on this next one!

So this is the thought:
The best Spy vs Spy
of all time!

Who's with me?

Gold Dot - Drei Wedge

Never really been the type for full coverage when it comes to footwear,

but these may have just
changed my mind!

K.T.Z. - Thigh High Lace Up Boots

My world is officially Rocked right now!

And on the slightly softer side of 
the high street:

Plomo - Michaella

Lovin' the bows up the back-seam.
Precious but still sharp with that stiletto heel.

Despite it's antiquity, the corset has held it's ground as one of the sexiest unmentionables
to be mentioned, and has made quite the comeback in recent years especially.
You don't have to hold your breath, just strike a pose in these sensuous sensations:

Are these jaw-droppingly hot or are these jaw-droppingly hot?! Sorry, there's only one answer to that question, and I had to make up a word 'cause these have got me so tongue-tied!

Let me wipe the sweat off my brow...

Jeffery Cambell - Outlaw                                                                         Matiko - Alexis

The next specimens were hard to categorize, but have the "wow" factor none-the-less:

This interesting concept on the left begs the question,
"If Coco Chanel were to create a space-boot,
 would it look like this?"

Sam Edelman - Zoe

To the right, these redefine
the meaning of
"Moon Walk"

 United Nude - Tulip Hi

Michael Antonio Studio Cass - Taupe Beaded Triple Wedge Booties
(talk about a mouthful)

If the Ancient Aztecs had couture, the above would surely be the pinnacle!
That doesn't mean you can't scale those temples in the present for
one astounding photo shoot!!

Luckily, your search for soles can be simplified by visiting three sites:

Enjoy my best-kept secret shoes sources! Consider it a gift ;)

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