Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cheeky, Geeky, Yet Still Chic-y - Costumes - Round 3

Has anyone ever told you,"My, what voluptuous brain cells you have!"?
I haven't heard that one enough, if ever.

The term geek is in severe need of redefinition. 
We're talking about the people who bring you cell phone upgrades, multiple apps,
laptops, and Skype!
Where would you be without these things?
Not reading this, that's where ;)

And I don't care what you're into, Comicon is some serious fun.

I attribute Bill Gates' success to the realization that technology need not only be effective and easy to use, but it also needs to be sexy.
And don't try to tell me that your iPhone and Macbook are not sexy.
You'd only be kidding yourself.

To pay tribute to the technological advancement of humankind,
show that the circuitry is not your only asset.

Game Girl

The classics never go out of style.
This sweet and simple mini dress is sure to stir up some smirks of nostalgia.
And with the growing popularity of vintage video games, you'll be way ahead of the curve.

Super Mari-OH!

A clever and cutting-edge take on yet another classic in gaming greatness, 
you'll be as captivating and mesmerizing as the screen version 
in this tantalizing two-piece ;)

*And if you not feeling the mario, but like the latex and the theme, you should see what else this designer has got up her sleeve!*

Hello, Domo!

You can get away with all sorts of shenanigans in this!
No one will know who you are, but everyone will love you:
If you're this fun, I love you already.
Did I mention that pairing it with heels is sheer genius!

Queen of the Galaxy? I can do you one better
If the above doesn't capture the magnitude of chic you're seeking,
Be the Macrocosm of the party:

With this ensemble, you are the center of your own universe, 
and others will be caught in your gravitational pull.

Not to be redundant, but these do go oh so well.
However, your options are infinite!

Revealing Robot
If you're on a quest for a challenge in the unique and chic, 
and you've got both hemispheres firing on all cylinders,
here's an idea so advanced, your mechanics may blow the matrix of most 
discerning minds:

The Creatrix of this amazing application is one masterful manipulator
of the makeup brush!
And to the Trekkies and Star Wars Fans (myself included, very much so on the latter)
I hope I'm not leaving you hanging,
but you all seem to have things well under control ;)

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