Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You've Got To Fight For Your Right To Study!! - Teen Girl Shot By Taliban For Defending Girls' Rights To Education

I have a new hero, and she is a 14 year old Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai.
Since the age of 11, she has been actively exposing the ban on education for girls and closing of girl's schools set in place by the Taliban in her region, the Swat valley, to the BBC and New York Times.
Earlier today, The Taliban sought out this young and courageous activist by name while she was riding home in a school bus. They proceeded to shoot her in the head, and wounded
 two other girls in the brutal attack.

She survived the bullet wound, and her surgery was just reported to be a success.
The bullet has been removed and she is in stable condition!

What kind of coward do you have to be to find a teenage girl who values her education
so threatening that it becomes necessary to shoot her, unarmed, riding home on a school bus
filled only with other teenage girls?
That's some extremely cowardly terrorism if you ask me.
This video sheds some light on the dark issues that had been plaguing Swat's past,
and the adversity that this family and many others have been challenged with:

A young lady of high ambitions, she's changed her course of study since the filming of this video, and now says she wants to study law and enter politics when she grows up. 
"I dreamt of a country where education would prevail," she said.
Even though the Taliban was driven out of the Swat Valley in 2009, 
there have been Isolated Militant attacks in Swat, though the region has seen a 
bit more stability in the recent past
Today's events show that the risks are anything but absent for women who
fearlessly speak out to preserve there common rights
and continue their studies regardless of the alarming obstacles.
One can only hope this gets enough attention for special precautionary measures
to be taken to ensure the safety of the young and wise girls of Pakistan.
Malala is an inspiration to all women, and proves that even one teenage girl can make a massive impact in the fight to change the world.
She has proven herself the fearless one.
Enjoy the Luxury of Educating yourself further on the topic, and visit these sites for the full story and updates as they occur:

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