Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh, The Horror!!! - Soundtrack To Get D'em Bones A'Shaken

As you scroll through the pages below, you will find enough costume content to possibly clothe your whole crew.
Does that mean the party's over?
No way, there are too many ways to play dress-up
 this season,
and I won't be satisfied until everyone's 
taste has been catered to!
OK, that might be too tall an order, but consider this the intermission to this very long manifestation.

However, I couldn't help myself but to put a theme to 
the last testimony,
so if you dare, play this as you scroll down the page 
to heighten your Sensory Experience.
 You'll find the Mix will Match, 
and not by coincidence.
I hope you enjoy this Halloween-y Meanie Mix: 

Disclaimer: A word to the wise. There may be a decent amount of what some might consider Hair Metal lurking in the corners of this 
collection, but if you aren't shaken by that, there is a 
spooky surprise awaiting you at the end!
In other words, you might find this to be relentlessly random.
Proceed with caution and expect to be caught off guard
at any moment!
Only the truly valiant and brave will receive the reward that's awaiting them at the end of this audio Tunnel of Terror!


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