Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Fairy-Tale Life Gets a Reality Check - Costumes - Round Two

The world of fairy-tales brings a sense of nostalgia and warmth to any child-like soul...
Wait a minute: Fairy-tales Warm and Fuzzy?!!
Maybe now they are, but back in the day those things seemed to be specifically designed to scare the daylights out of you and hopefully teach you a lesson!

Disney can keep it's hero/heroine happy ending, 
'cause this is going to go in a slightly more Grimm Direction...

Lil' Red Riding Hood (and the big bad wolf)
The 'hidden' moral of this tale quite frankly pisses me off:
A young helpless girl ventures thoughtlessly into the deep dark forest packing nothing but some snacks for her grandma. Her grandmother, deceived by the wolf, is eaten, and then when she arrives she is also deceived by the wolf and if it weren't for the strapping young lad with an axe, they would have been most assuredly doomed!
Women are not that dumb and helpless!
 Rewrite the Storybook version and
put the Power back in the hands of this 'once' Damsel in Distress.
Bring your own axe!!

If it's lady's night, this is a match made for the marvelous! 

But Back to the 
Lady in Red:

The Red Hood
is the only Must to this costume. 

Otherwise, the options are completely open: 

Latex and Spikes anyone?

That should get any Big Bad Wolf trembling in his nightgown!


And Like I said: 
Bring Your Own Axe!

A perfect accessory to let'em know you mean business:

Grandma is getting her cookies this time!

But if you get to grandma's, and find she's had an unwelcome houseguest,
here's your worthy adversary!
"Sorry Sir, but you look nothing like MY Grandma!" Chop chop!

Idolatre Clothing Co - Kaori's Latex Dreams - Jeffrey Campbell Deanne Boot
Jeffrey Campbell Prickly Pump - Les Queues De Sardines Stockings -
Horror Merch Prop Fire Axe - Big Bad Granny Wolf Costume

Cinderella Goes Punk

This girl had a pretty rough up-bringing, so it's only natural that she would
rebel and party like a rock star!
Embrace the moment she pulls it off and dumps her only known dance partner-to-date: the broom.
This former outcast is heading for the fast lane, and in a hurry!

 These shoes state it pretty clearly: No more scrubbing floors for this Rags-to-Riches Vixen!

You'll have every Prince's jaws on the floor as flaunt your fierceness in this ensemble!

The Step-Sisters are staying at home to do the dirty work this time.
Now you strut you're stuff like the
newly crowned queen!

And don't Forget to give mad props to your Fairy Godmother.
She's given you a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,
so don't squander
a single minute!!

Problem with most deals that are
too good to be true:
There's always a catch!

Get in there buns a blazin',
and make that first impression last
long beyond the party's expiration date!

Time is of the essence, and Yours has arrived, in a Golden Carriage none-the-less!

Snow White As The Huntsman

Yet another terrifying encounter with Step-mama drama.
Only this one's a matter of life or death!
With two movies out earlier this year, this classic renaissance maven may be more in the spotlight than usual this year: it's sure to be fresh in the minds of the masses.
To play with this darling doe of the forest, first decide:
Are you the light and airy Snow White of the Songbirds,
or are you the dark Snow White prepared for the Fight of her Life?:

Either way you play up this princess, the makeup is going to be the classic
dark cat-eye and lips as red as roses.
But if you're an ebony goddess, you have the chance to make this look magnificently modern:

           Switch up the expected: Skin as black as Ebony, Hair as white as snow!

Now, my last addendum takes the cake:

Yes, Literally!
This may not make it to the Evil Queen in one piece ;)

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