Thursday, October 18, 2012

You're Makin' Me Hungry - Costumes - Round 5

While these items in their original form do not hold their weight on a nutritional scale,
as clothing they certainly provide plenty of sustenance for one major sense:
The Eyes!!
These decadent and delicious delights will make mouths water 
when you dish them out this Halloween.
But as with most cravings, herein lies the dilemma:
Are you craving salty or sweet?
Let the food fight begin! The Battle Royal is between
the Savory, the Sugary, and the Smorgasbord!!
No telling which direction your taste will lead you on this bonbon voyage.

The Savory

This dress doesn't beg the question, "Do you want fries with that Shake?"You've clearly got it covered, no need for assistance. And talk bout Hot Diggty Dog, that's exactly what they named this dress!

Don't forget the condiments!
Fast Food Earrings by Bottled Wonders

 This should satisfy a ravenous appetite
with a substantial ration of fashion!
Hamburger Dress by Joy Kampia

Extra Pickles, Please. Two to be exact. And I'll take a mini meal for the road as well.

And good for you for adding
some fresh greens!
Fahrenheit Zara Pumps @ Lulu's

The happiest meal ever :) They're just
asking to be eaten.
Kawaii Fast Food Charms by Pink in Ink

Did you leave room for dessert? I hope so...

The Sugary

Pink Gingham Cupcake Set
by Purrfect Pineapples

Cupcake Cap @ Fred Flare
Wanna take a trip to 
Candy Land?
Only the most bold and brazen broad would dare to wear this itty bitty ensemble in the public eye. But if you do, you're bound to be dubbed the Cupcake Queen. 

And if you need a crown to make your status shine throughout the land, this should do you justice!

Candy Stripe Mini Dress
 by ShhhCoutureLatex

Or join the Latex Lollypop Guild in this spiral of sexy stripes!
The bow may just be for prettying up the package, but it does add another level of YUM!

 And delicious doesn't begin to explain the level of lusciousness presented in these delectable Pumps. A side effect of the desire to acquire these beauties may include some involuntary drooling.

Add some precious pastries to your 
countenance for the perfect presentation
with every detail accounted for!

Magenta Glitter Heels @ Ami Clubwear

The Atlantis by Haus of Price

Footwear must be Fit for the Queen of the Candy Palace. Here are some more options for opulence:
Qupid Mariam @ Lulu's

Kawaii nails may not be necessary, but they are a prefect cherry on top of 
your sundae of swank!

Then again, you can make sweetness as silly as a six year old
on a Sugar High!

The Smorgasbord

 Then there's the girl who's got to have it all!
If having your cake and eating it too still doesn't define
 your indeterminate yet adept palette,
feast your eyes upon a delight in gourmet couture 
that will assuredly cause you pangs of desire!

A little salty, a little sweet. Snack Time is on at level 10!
Good Enough to Eat Mini Dress by Lady Horse Power
Accessorize your apparel with an array of accoutrements to flaunt your personal flavor and this grande buffet of vogue won't become one to be shared. However, others may be inclined to feast their eyes upon your fabulous taste. Bon appetit!

On the other Hand, maybe the idea of others 
eye-balling you like you're going to be their next meal
 just doesn't sync with your personality.
This should turn the tables a full 180 and have them thinking they may just 
lose a hand if they pull any of shenanigans on you:

A carnivorous creation such as this may be the only mouth ferocious enough
to take on all of the above singlehandedly! 

If this has gotten you worked up into a frenzy for a big ol' burger 
and a hot fudge sundae,
This stuff is for wearing, not for eating.
Now Go Eat Your Veggies!!

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